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Movie Stars
James Mason
Cary Grant
Humphrey Bogart
James Cagney
Edward G Robinson
Gregory Peck
W C Fields
Laurel & Hardy
Boris Karloff
John Wayne
 And many more
A Little More Modern:
Michael Caine
Clint Eastwood
Bob Hoskins
Marlon Brando
Sean Connery
Arnold Schwarzenegger
  Plus others!
TV/Misc Personalities:
Johnny Vegas
‘Little Britain’
Leonard Rossiter (as Rigsby)
Clive Dunn (Jonesy)
Rik Mayall
Ade Edmonson
Julian Clary
Alan Carr
Tommy Cooper
Michael Winner
Trevor McDonald
Prince Charles
David Beckham
Plus characters created to
meet your brief!
Bugs Bunny
Roger Rabbit
Speedy Gonzales
Mickey Mouse
Plus variety of Warner & Disney
Impressions List